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About Us

As a leading provider of King Nadier Foundation, we take pride in offering the best Articles and products and services to bring Peace in the World together with Human Rights for everybody. We are dedicated to serving the needs of all of our Brothers and Sisters All over the World each and every day disregarding any religions or believes of individuals.

We believe that if all Humans in the world come together and help each others hand to hand as a Big Family of God in Unity to build our Earth for as better place to live like a Rainbow that has 1 white color but when divided has 7 different color, All Humans in the world with 7 different color and believes when they come together we can reach the ultimate whit color as one and reach our God Our Mitty original Father.

King Nadier also Known As King Nader Goli Khan Shah is a Founder and President of this Unique Website and King Nadir Foundation, King Nadier has very well Educated Person and Has traveled to many Countries Around the World and has been done many researches and study about Creation and God Prophesy, The Law of Creation, KABBALAH and Zohar and Sefer Yetzirah and many other Fields.

King Nadier has researches far beyond the Universe and the Law Of Creation all the way to the Source of Universe all his Life and he has been able to Elevate himself after his recent travel to the Holly land of Israel, visited all Holly places and Pray for Peace on Earth and he been connect with higher Energy of Universe and Received Multiple Messages every day that You will find out about all these Messages from our creator in this website more and more in the near future.

Please visit our website every day for new messages.

Our mission is to Educate All and everybody in the World to have a better peaceful productive and life better Understanding of God, The Laws of Creation and Why God Created us as a Human been We are providing a manual for better living for everybody in the World.

Any reproduction without the written Permission of our organization or abuse of our materials in our website is prohibited by law and violators will be punished by Law of creation and Law enforcement on Earth.

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