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After G-od created the Universe Adam was created in order to complete and improve this world Creation.
Our Most Important Mission To Create
Peace in the World

Is to help each other as a Large family members so we can have a better family house.

The World is created based on 3 important based Element to Survive.
1- Chesed - that means Kindness, Goodness, Love a Happiness.
2- Gevurah - that means there is a judgment, for any action there is reaction for any wrong doing there is a punishment, for any kindness there is a reward.
3- Tiferet - that means you need to Pray and ask for any request you have if you do not ask you will not receive.

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If you have any problem in your life or with your Health, any Medical Condition please explain the condition include your full name and date of birth and your parent names, send it to us with your Donation we will be happy to do research with special pray for you and send you a Solution or recommendation if we can.

You will feel better after you help and participate..

Nadir Educational
1. Charitable Cause: "I am writing to draw your attention to a matter of great importance.
I am raising money to help Concern is our life-saving in this world.

We need Funds for our Charity for Repairing this World that we all Live in.
If this World collapse that is already in the collapse position we all collapse with it.
I will be running this Fund-raising event in order to raise money for the WORLD HELPING HANDS FOUNDATION INC. Nadir Educational Center
Although it will be a challenge for me to complete this race, I will be especially motivated by the excitement of knowing that it will benefit all of us in such a worthy cause.
I am asking all friends and family to consider sponsoring me for this event. I have two ambitious goals ? First to complete this run to meet my personal goal of raising $3,000,000.00 for the WORLD HELPING HANDS FOUNDATION INC. Nadir Educational Center and second to be able to bring Awareness, Educate All and everybody in the World to wake them up to realize why they came and born in this world to bring Peace in our life that we need it the most now.
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Nader Kayvanfar
President and Founder

Nadir Educational Center

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Shalom Peace to the World from King Nader Kayvanfar
I have a Dream that we are going to have Peace in the World by Creating Peace within ourselves, in our Family, in our Society in our Country and finally in the World. Be Creative.

Please serch my name on you-tube:( King Nader Kayvanfar ) for all Seminars.

Angel Israel bringing peace to World Please watch this. 

How Upper and Lower World Created & Why? 

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New Discovery Proposal to Create Peace in the World. By King Nader Kayvanfar.

This is my Discovery Proposal that can bring Peace to the World.
I have been doing a lot of research about God creation, how the World and Universe was created finally discovered many Secrets' Formula with Puzzles I came up with many problems and Questions finally after so many researches I finally discovered by putting together this Puzzle to find the truth and the solution, then I Discovered from the Rainbow colors that we all see it all the time and we do not pay attention to it, that was the sign and Sign direction message from Creator Elohim to us, we see everybody wearing different color dresses, even they color their hair in different color we read it in the Torah and Bible that the Rainbow is the signature of God and Mother of Nature the Elohim The Myth God that created us is showing us all different colors all the time in Nature in Fruit we eat in vegetable, in Sky on the Water, we see the Traffic Lights in 3 Colors All the Time when we Stop in every Intersection, and when we Stop we never think, we see Sign and Direction on Streets to Find a way to go, we are so busy with many other thing in our life that interrupt us not to be able to see the sign of Creator to go to where we came from to find the why to go back home to our family that originally we came from the Haven, but finally I been able to stop and think in order to find out this puzzle and put it together to come up with the solution for this World Peace and how we can all go back to our heaven original home that we haven thrown out , we got lost out of Heave and we do not know what to do in the darkness of this world.

To see why all these colors are mixed together and we have no Harmony? So far nobody has been able to find the answer. But I finally discovered the final answer to resolve this World problems and misunderstanding that we all have in this world because every color person believes in different idea and have a different belief and has different sign and direction, it is like asking many other person for a direction that every person give you a different direction then we get lost and go around a circle and never find our original home address where we came from? The real original Heaven that Our God Crated for us at the time of creation.

The color white is the true color of God that has been split and divided in many part of the world in 70 nations that consist of 7 color nation time 10 equal 70 nations.

Let me explain a little more so we all can understand this puzzle.

To find our original home address The promised Heaven that our Creator originally made for us, that we all good Honest people wants to go to that Address, then by mistake of Adam we all have been thrown out of it, 1st we have to look for the Signs as when you want to go to an address you look at the map then you fallow the direction and look for the sign to find the address, right? We all have the Map but in different language that is why we miss interpret the direction.

Remember there is a Stop station on this road that only Honest and good people can pass this stop Station, they check your background too to give you visa to pass, one big requirement is 10 commandments you have to obey, like if you like to go to a city you have to obey the rolls and regulation of the city for example you have to get a Driver license you have to learn the regulation if you brake the law and pas a red light you get a ticket if you continue doing that you go to Jail and loss your license that was a privilege, driving license is a privilege not a right to live in the city, but if you take money or belonging to another person that is stealing you go to jail, and can not live in the city with your friends and other people if you kill another person you go to jail or get killed too. This a sample of rolls and regulations to be able to pass the Stop Station to go to Haven so anybody who do not fallow the 10 commandment now in his life that is the NO No. you never bee able to pass that Stop Station, so see what happen to people can pass and who is going to left over all good people that accept 10 commandment will go to heaven and rest will be left over like at the time of the Noah the good people of Noah survived and anybody else all people that was doing violations and killing and stealing was left out was wiped out. So from now on see what you doing and where you are going to be in the future, it is you Attitude that make your Altitude not reverse.
Now I find out the correct Map with one Language everybody understand and Know about it even a child when born realize the Color first and anything a child wants ask you with signs by his hands and use identify. Even animals understand this 2 element Sign and color.

The original God Language from Colors that comes from Heaven and the Sun the source of the Light Where the Creator has made the Heaven for us.

As we know Rainbow has 7 colors that God created many thing in # 7 like 7 Rainbow colors, 7 days of the week, 7 Notes of Music, 7 level of Universe, 7 Oceans, 7 Stars and so on...

Out of this 7 colors we have 3 Primary color: Red, Blue Yellow then 3 Secondary color: Green, Orange, Violet. Then we have 6 Tertiary Colors.
1- Yellow, Orange, 2- Orange red, 3- Red Purple, 4- Blue Purple, 5- Blue Green, and 6- Yellow Green.
We also have 3 Additive Color also called Direct Light, or Emitted color 1- Green, 2- Blue, 3- Red,
We also have 3 Subtractive Colors, also called: Pigment, indirect Light or Reflective Color: Red, Yellow, Blue.
We also have 6 Tertiary colors. Combination of each 2 special color that create the 3rd color.
Like 1- yellow and orange, 2- Orange and Red, 3- Red and Purple, 4- Blue and purple, 5- Blue and Green, 6- Yellow and Green.

Also everything was created originally was in 3 section like a Triangle:

Adam Has 3 Sons, Noah has 3 sons, we have Atom that is 3 part 1- Electron, Negative charged part Element, 2- Proton,Positive charged element 3-Neutron uncharged neutral element, we have Sun, Moon and Ear, we have 3 part Finger in hand, 3 part in hands and foot, 3 part of body Head, upper body lower body and branches like Hands and foot, like trees, Root, Trunk and Branches, we have Red Globule White Globule and Plasma in our blood. We have father mother and son, Chesed, Gevurah and Tifferet in Kabbalah Abraham, Ishagh and Yaakov, 3 Angels of Star David that represent 1st triangle with 3 colors and second Triangle with the other 3 colors. that goes on each other and create the Star of David that create the Triadic Harmony Sign and so on...

so remember these laws of 3, 7, and 10. We have also laws from 1 to 9 that 9 represent completion like baby takes 9 months to complete and be deliver to this new world from previous world. So you have 9 months from the 1st month of Jewish calendar 9/25/2014 already started to complete yourself now to go to Heaven or you will be left out.

When we put together these colors of Rainbow we see we have 3 colors called warm color that create warm and happy feeling like Red (fire), Orange and Yellow, then we have Coll Color like Green (tree) , Blue (Water, Sky) and Purple, but if you mixed all you see no harmony. So to have harmony we need to select the special color and mix it with another color in order to get the right result we need with harmony to be able to create White color that is the True color of pure Light the comes fro God himself.

When we look at it after finishing this puzzle together we find the sign of King David Star of David that is the Jewish Sign that in order to be able to find the Direction we need to fallow the 10 commandment and what Moses brings from God the Creator himself The Torah is the original book of Navigator we need to use. Not any other copy of navigation to get lost.

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we really need help to help and Save the World from corruption and fall.

If the World Fail and Fall every one of us are part of this World too, so we will Fall with it too, so any changes to the world will make an effect on us as a World member.

So We really need your help to Help the World we live in, so we can have a better peaceful life and better Life for ourselves, for our children, future Grand children and family members, we will reincarnate to this world again and again so if we have a better peaceful World when we come back to this world again we will have a better life than what we have now so if you participate to help this world you will benefit it too and if you do not participate to help now do not be expect to get the help any more too.

We are part of the Large World Family too. At the Begging Family member was 2 persons, when Adam and Eve Created and Borne in this World, now our family members are millions, we should help each other even we are separated apart from each other. Don't you help your brother for sister if he lives out of your house in another location ant more when they nee you? Think about it. if your children away from your house has a problem you need to help them too.

If your hand or any part of your body need help and bothering you, you need to pay attention to it and resolve the problem if a needle go to your hand you need to remove it otherwise you will suffer together with your hand too. And you need to train your hand to be careful so next time you be careful when you handle a needle so this experience should be experience for you not to make a mistake any more too.

Amazing Touching Miracle Story of 2 Boys based on throw story by King Nader at:

There was a young Girl one day she was pregnant and she did not have Money to support the new born Baby and she was very upset and she was thinking to Do Abortion, So that night she went to do a Shopping in a Local Market Store, The owner of the local store was a woman that when she sees this young girl is not happy and she is very sad she asked her what is wrong? The young girl told her story that she wants to do Abortion since she does not have ability to keep that new baby, the owner of that store took that young girl to her home that night and talked to her and convince her not to do the abortion and she helped this young Girl.

About 21 Years later the boy that was borne from that young Girl was 20 years old now he went out to celebrate his 20th birthday with his friends in a restaurant so he was having fun and had some Drinks with his friends and all of sadden he feels so warm so decided to go out to get a fresh air so he left the restaurant and he goes for a walk out on the street and he sees anther Boy on the street that was shot and bleeding badly, he immediately called the Police and Emergency line and the Ambulance came very soon and booked the Boy was Bleeding to the hospital and they saved that Boy life,

When that Boy went home he told his mother that he was shot and he was bleeding on the street, there was a Young Boy who helped him and saved his life that night.

His mother Told his son do you know who was that young Boy that saved your life? So we can call him and Thanks him for saving your life, he said know and the mother said let put a Flayer sign around with this story to see if we can find that Boy that helped you so we can thank him for helping you. So they put the Flayer around to find that Boy.

The Boy that saved that man life also told his mother his story of that night birthday celebration that he saved another Boy life that was bleeding on the street and send him to the hospital, The Mother of that boy that saved a Boy life went to the same Market that she was Shopping before and she saw that flayer and she finds out that the Boy that was shot and his son saved his life was the Son of the owner of that store, so she went to her and ask her do you remember me and she said No, but that 20 year old Boy mother told her that I know you, do you remember about 21 years age I came hear to your store and I was pregnant, I was planning to abort my child, and you took me to your home and you changed my mind, so I kept that child and he is 20 years old now, that boy Saved your Boy, because you Saved him.

What this story tell us? That means we have a propose of living in this World, and we have to do what we can to help each other whenever we can and we may not see the result right away, we may not know why we do certain thing but what ever we do has meaning and effect on ourselves soon or later, we will see the result later on in our life one day soon or later, if you help someone now you actually helping yourself in the other hand if you fail to do something or help somebody you can and have ability to do it now, you will regret one day why you did not do it when you could do it and do not expect a miracle when you did not create that miracle now or before.

Please see  now and help yourself for future Miracles that can go back to yourself or to your family one day in the future.
King Nadier

One of the main reason that people make mistake and damage their own home and their own family house (this World) and their own universe because of lake of education so our mission is to educate every one of our large world family members in this world to recognize why they came to this world and why they need to participate to help each others so when we can do this together then when we all help each others to make a better world for everybody we can build a better universe too.
We all belong to each other like every part of our body that belong to the main body and have to cooperate together to have a healthy body other wise you will have a damaged paralyze body and that is when you feel pain in your body that means some part of your body is not cooperating and you feel pain so if you need the pain go away then you need to pay attention to see what part of your body need attention and need help and once you recognize diagnose the problem then one you help pay attention to that part of your body then your pain go away and you will feel happy and healthy again.

So every one of us may have a problem in some part of our body as you experience it too so that means someone in some place in this world is not happy and need help so you help and pay attention we may be able to help that person and then your pain will go away too.

King Nadier Foundation Providing the LAWS OF CREATION for Better Living on the Earth.

We pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and communities well being
all over the World. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in all communities around the Global Earth and have a manual for better living on the Earth as it was Gifted to all of us from our Mighty God The Great Great Creator.

Our goal is to make a difference in your life and those around you and everybody in the world that ready to change their life and elevate themselves to better and higher level of life living. Don't just stand on the sideline get engaged in your community.

Call us today AT: 310-488-6444 if you wish to speak to one of our experts or Email us to: NADER@WHHFI.COM    your opinion, ideas and supports. We like to hear from you.

We need everybody supports in order to bring Peace and Unity in the world and Save our Earth that we live on it as a Big Family of God The Only Great Father that we all have so we can all live together as one Big Family and help each other as brothers and sisters in our only home call Earth in Peaceful environment.


Upper world is watching you and everybody in the world all the time for any actions you and we do in our life true and via our own Eyes that is the God Secret Cameras in our body and Transmit all actions we do in our life via our mind that is the best computer Transmitter from our mind to upper world.
To find out more about it just visit

Nobody can hide any Mistakes and wrong doing or any violation. Upper World is watching us and recording all of our actions all the time even The President Obama and all Government Agencies are Liable for any actions they do, The World is watching all of us all the time from our own Eyes that is open Cameras to the Universe upper World.

Our All Myth God is going to reveal All videos of all Peoples specially the Leaders for any actions they do on our Computers, on Face Book very soon the same way it was written in Torah and Bibles about our Grand Grand Fathers Adam, Abraham, Ishagh and Jacob, Moses and Yousef. The different is at the old times there was no computer so it was written on the Stones and animals Skin and on the mountains. Now it is going to be full color video with proof on the Internet so the whole world can watch and see with no exceptions, God does this from time to time when the Time is right and this year is the time since we have all the technology and Face book, Twitter and others communication tools.

So be ready to see yourself on the Internet from Videos that was taken from you all the time via your own Eyes the God Secret Camera built is in our head and everybody will be exposed to the World.

There is only a little time left for some peoples that was not got the judgment yet, to Stop any wrong doing and violations and mistakes and Start Praying to Our God for Forgiveness and be Sincerely Honest, since nobody can fool God since all actions are taped and get recorded on God upper word computers.

The Judgment days are already in force and is taking turns all over the world now, depends on each individuals that when his or her time is set like a court date everybody has that court date soon or later now. So be ready any time for it.

The God Judgments are final and given to each person right away no exception anymore. Cancer, Sickness, Lost of Job, Lost of Something, Flood, Earthquake, Fire and Death penalty is some of the penalties not all each person has to pay for it.

So pray to God and Ask for forgiveness and Stop doing wrong doing any more maybe God forgive you if you start doing something good and better for other peoples in the world and educate them and helping them to understand and this, at least you can forward my notes to anybody you know and publish it on Internet, on your Face book, twitter, and all other communications you have, so we can save our earth before it is destroyed completely by UN educated stupid selfish peoples with high Ego who is violating and damaging us and peoples in the world and damaging our Holly homes our Earth that we live on it like bacteria and virus that damaging our body.

Our universe has Upper World and Lower world, the Same as in our body we have the same structures, we have our Head that is upper part of our body that make all Deciding and register all activities the we do and the lower part of our body under neck is our lower part of our body that do all kind of actions that we do the same way on earth is the lower world that all peoples in the world do all kind of actions in the world that makes the difference and effect our Earth and what we do to our planets.

Our Red Blood Cells are like the regular peoples that running around our global body and deliver nutrition and oxygen to all different part of our body, imagine if they do not do their job right what happen?, we die.

Our White Blood Cells are the Policy and Army that protect our Global Body from any unwanted Virus and Bacteria to keep us healthy and active and alive.

So be a good cells in our community do not act as bacteria, virus since God will destroy you like we use antibiotics to kill them too. God will send Antibiotic like Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Flood, and other kind of Disasters.


Upper world is watching you, everybody in the world all the time for any actions you and we do in our life true and via our own Eyes that is the God Secret Cameras in our body and Transmit all actions we do in our life via our mind that is the best computer Transmitter from our mind to upper world.
To find out more about it just visit

Why did God create us as Humans, and why did we get a Brain that is more capable of doing many things that other animals and creatures can not do?
It is important is that we can think and understand, and improve our life, and manage and improve all other creatures on earth.

Our mind is state of the art technology that is expandable,unlimited. It is up to us how we want to use it and how we want to improve it.

Animals and other creatures have a limited capacity with the things they can do. It is like buying a computer that is up gradable, expandable.

Versus another old computer with limited memory that once is full cannot be used anymore.

Our mind works exactly like a computer. Whatever we can do with a computer our brain can do the same, even much, much more.

We need to read the Manufacture Manuals learn the manufacture training courses and with help of Tech support in order to learn how to use our complicated Brain computer.

Otherwise we are going to have many problems and limited access to use it.

God created us from his own Image and like himself.

What does that mean and why did he do this?

Why do we build a new computer and make different things from our own image?

Everybody may have a different answer based on what they have inside their images too?

Why do we have a child? What do we expect when we have a new child that look like the father and mother with the same DNA as the parents?

That is why they say like father like son, like mother like Daughter. What do the parents expect from children? Of course they want them to follow the parent’s rules and regulation at their home and follow the law correctly.

That is the same way that God as our Father and as our creator expects the same things that we expect from our children.

Where can we find our life manuals?

First of all Nature is the best teacher where we can find many answers. We need to go into Nature and open up our all 5 or even 6 senses to see some of the answers we need to know.

Number two Manual, the Messages that God has been sending us via many different Messengers in the past.

Number three, these Messages and Guidance has been written in the Book of Creation, and The Torah, The Book of God brought to us by Moses. There are many other Books that have been given to us by God via other Messengers. We need to read these books and go to religious places that have Rabbi’s and Preachers. Any man of God can teach you about it.

So if you are looking for solution in your life for any questions or any problems, all you have to do is go to any Holy place, and start reading and following God’s Books, and talk to a Rabbi or any Priest you know, and you will get the answer.

If you need more guidance then read and follow the Torah, and you will learn how to improve your life. Once God sees that you are paying attention to him like a father would help his children, the Father, God will do the same thing for you. That is guaranteed.

Our Head and Brain are the State of the Art Technology that God created that can do anything we can imagine, No Matter what you imagine, your brain can do it.

It is the mater of 3 things, Time, Effort and Knowledge that are needed in order to come to reality.

Our Mind is basically a Receiver and a transmitter that sends and receive Messages and Data and information to and from our God Based computer. Whatever we ask and Pray to our God we can get. Then, like a father he will evaluate it before he releases it.

God Our Myth Father will do the same thing, he will evaluate all of our Requests and Prayers, and when the Time is right he will let us have it.

God Reviews everything about each person before he decides. You need too deeply believe in God, deeply show him your sincerely in your heart, Love God, and and do not forget Magic Words when you ask for anything.

Our Brain is connected to our Eyes and Ears and Mouth and anything we think or Say or whatever we do or what we have done is in God’s Archives. Our resume is there. Whatever we do is transmitted from our brain and our Eyes God’s Secret Camera that is filming and registering evidence all of our life, all the time.

So remember we cannot fool God, remember all his Angels up there that are watching us all of our life, all the time. We are not alone, someone is watching us up there on TV. from our own Mind and our own Eyes all the time no matter where we are or what we do.

Have you seen the TV. serial Movie, The Days of Our Life? It works the same way up there.

There are many Angels up there that watch us on their computers. They view our life and share it with God.

Our Grandparents or past families that have reached a higher level and have become Angels of God are watching you. If they see that you are a Good person, and are eligible to be an Angel too they will nominate you. While you are living on the earth they will help you to get to the higher level of life on earth first. Once you pass all the tests by being a beneficial, honest, sincere person, and Once they find out that you are fully qualified, they will elevate you to a higher class. Just the same way as in School they will send you to higher classes once you pass the final test until you Graduate and become a Professor.

This Article may help you to understandand the secret and the law of creation and why we have been created in this world on this earth also call Global World or Glory Ball of Universe..

If you are reading this article somehow it was the wish and act of God that wants you to understand him better and get educated more so you can accomplish your life to more complete and be able to get Elevated to Higher Spiritual Level so you be able to see and understand connect to higher source called Universe law and God himself.
The Bible or Torah the Book of Creation is a truth copy of our past generation Stories of our aunt sisters and brothers and our grand grand fathers who lives before us after the creation.

How do we know that, If you read the any Holy Books of creation or Torah, the Bible very deeply and closely and try to understand it you will find out all the Secrets details like a day by day diary of all humans that God our MIGHTY Creator has created in details.

If you look at your own body and look in to it very carefully, study about your own inside body and outside of your own body you will find out that you have so many and very, sophisticated, and amazing parts in it that are given to you that they all do automatically different works in harmony together so you can live better and do many things that you like to do.

All of us when we born was born for a special reason to do special mission and do certain things in our life on this earth like any company who get different employee they want different person with different ability to work for them to be able to grow and have a better productions, or we go to Schools and once we complete, do what we had to do then we get elevated to go to higher class of education until we get graduated from life education school of God and then we be able to accomplish more and more in our life.

It is the same that we go to elementary school then to higher classes every year After we pass a test and exams, until we go to high school level and then to collage and get our PhD. a so on if we do it all the way then we become a Professor, and then we can help others to do the same thing we did or help them to do other things they need, have to do the cycles will go on and on.

Once we understand all these steps by steps then we will realize the truth of life, get connected to the Higher sources in the universe otherwise like a student that is lazy and do not study and can not pass all the exams and the test in class he will not be able to graduate and go to higher classes and he has to repeat the same class until he pass, the required test.

If we fail the exams then that is when we realize that somehow we are lost in this life and no matter what we do we are not going anywhere and we are doing the same things over and over without any rewards or happiness.

Anything is happening around us has a reason nothing happen for no reason, anything happened has a purpose and reason all we have to do open our eyes, look more deeply to things happening around us, we have to help each other.

If you see you are doing something, your are lost you are not doing it correctly and God will send you different massages in different ways and you need to pay attention to it so you should do it right not wrong and sometimes you get punish or penalized too that is why?.

Many years ago there was no Computers and like today there was no Science, Technology like today that we have there been not enough educations that God could see us his massages, guided us. so he was sending us Many other Messengers Prophets that brought us the Torah, the Bibles, The Goran, all other Holly Books for our education so what the books was telling us the one of first important parts was for us to understand and one very important message:
look my children anything your previous generation has than so far I know all about it. it is written and published, also anything you will do or did I know about it too. It is all written in all Holly Books. Why?

How did the God Knew about all these is it amazing, how God gave us all these written notes to tell us, show us look what you are doing.

After many generations Finally God allow and guide us to create the same system for our life called Video Cameras, Radio, TV. computers and Internet, satellite.

All the new technology that we see it in our life, we discover it every day was part of the old same technology that God has created it in our body originally, now we have been able to create a robot or person like our own body or other machinery that can do all the things our body has able to do it in harmony.

The only way we can achieve to have a better life and reach to higher education and find all the secrets of creation and that is what God wants us to achieve is to have Peace and have Harmony in our life, then we can achieve to higher level to create the real Heaven on the earth that everybody is dreaming about it.

If you look in to your computer and Google and go to Yahoo that is like one of the names of God you can find almost anything you need to know and you can find all Kind and of stories and thing has happened in the past to anybody, Face book can tell you many things about many people, but not everything. Why called Face Book because it is your face your eyes like a camera and your brain like a book that transmit all your acts to universe computer.

But God knows everything about you because he created you the way he wants it from his own image all you have to do look at yourself in the mirror.

God is inside you all his technology is inside you controlling anything you are doing.

Have you seen on TV. News how the department store have Cameras all over to see and watch all their customers from time they arrive in their stores.

The same thing the God Camera is inside your body it is your eyes that video vivid register it to your brain computerized book where ever you go all the time you can not go anywhere with Close eye, then it is your Audio stereo system called Ear that listen to anything happened around you then it is your mouth that talk and get register by your hear again of what you say. All of these gets register copy, get filed very colorfully like a high definition Movie in your brain, you are on the camera all the time and all your act like a movie stars, movie actors get taped, get save in your brain Archived, then your brain is also a Transmitter and a receiver with the highest speed, highest Technology that God has at the time of creation and like Internet satelite all your acts will be seen out to God Master Computer in the universe there are many Angels and God Spirits that up there are watching all your acts, judge you and report you to God the Master, exactly like a School principals teachers or a company owner or a president and managers that watching all employees at the end of each day they will see what employee did a good job who did a bad job, and who was profitable who was lazy, did a bad things or did not work then they decide who should get raised or get paid, who should get a bones or reward or Nobel awards, who should get Fired.

The universe Law of God do the same thing because we have been created from the same God image and the same system that we have now.
God create us from his own image.

Now that we understand and this we should be very careful of what you do or what we do even when other peoples are watching us with their eyes are also God cameras that registering you, any even Birds or even any fly or fishes in the ocean or any animals that has Eyed arround you are transmitting all your acts in 3D or 4 Dimensions to God Master of universe creation computers true the Stars in the Sky because we are that movie Stars, The Stars are Satellited Dishes of God and every one of us has been dedicated a special Stars in the Sky to Watch and transmit our acts to Moon and then to Sun.

So watch what you do, Look what you say, where you go. We should think this way like we are all a movie Star Actors and if we Act good and do good job we become Big Movie Star, become celebrities and get Oscar and nominated for higher awards, if we are in Olympics if we do a good work we get the Gold Medallion so let all of us do our work with Honesty, fallow the 10 Commandments that God gave us so we can achieve the highest rewards and Awards we deserve to have so we can create The Peace and True Haven on Earth.

Please Just remember Every one of us at the time of creation when we born and re born again was given a guardian Angels up there to watch us.
The reason Gold has value So much because it has G for Good O for Oscar Award D for Dedication and L for Loves in it.
and every letters has a numerical value that in the next Articles I will talk more about it, just fallow my Other Articles in WWW.KINGNADER.COM

Please Pray for Peace, Happiness any time you can do anything is good, positive honestly form your own Good Godly heart, let thanks our God the only Powerful God, Master, King of Universe, The Holy Spirit, All Angels in Upper worlds, Havens in the Upper Universe that are watching us all the time to help, guide us for better life, More Happiness, More Prosperity, may God bless all, help us to fallow him. Amen.
Manual for better life on Earth. # 1 Law and Regulation From God Book of Creation.
All Mighty God has been given us a brand new Body when we born as a gift for free that has all kind of state of the art technology and built in Since capable to do many things we can not even image it.

1st of all we need to Thanks God every Second we are alive and we can use this Body I call it King Palace Majesty Mobil Home Kingdom but not a regular Mobile home it is a State of the Art Kingdom we have received as a Gift from All Mighty God.

2nd of all we need to have a manual how to use it for best performance that I am going to bring you the instruction in the future one by one with training and practice so you be able to understand it rather than misunderstand that you my damage it if you do not follow the instruction properly. Just look for my future articles and you may need to have a special seminars to understand it better to be able to go to the higher level of life style and rich to the highest level of God Degrees.

3rd of all we need to practice every day and follow the instructions so we can achieve what ever we need to achieve in our life and it is meant to be why we came to this Earth to live.

God has created our Body in 3 parts and most of all other pain parts has been created with 3 main parts too like an Atom that also has 3 main parts, Proton, Electron and .....

Please Look at your own body in your own existing Mirror that in the future I will bring you a better mirror that you can see yourself better too.
Your finger has 3 parts your hand has 3 parts, your body also has 3 main parts, Head Middle part and Legs, Your Blood has 3 parts, Red Globule, White Globule And Plasma, and so on in the future I will talk about it in more details.

Your Body has 3 main Channels, :
1st Chanel is the Air Chanel, You only Authorized to Send Purified Premium Air only with plenty of Oxygen, if you violate this Law you will be Judged by Law of God that I will explain more in details in the future about it, but basically I can tell you your body like a computer you have at home comes with some tutorial and manual and also some anti virus too, but you need to download more advance manual to your brain and educate yourself in order to use your advance Brain computer better like any other computer that you need to update it all the time in order to work better that I am going to help you to download what you need base on capacity of you Brain Memories since every body is different and has different memory and capacity.

For example if you put anything else other than Air with Oxygen in you Air channel that goes to your Lunge You Will die that is the Law of Creation penalty of violating the God Law is Death penalty soon or later. You get grudged by God himself.
But God has installed some Hardware and Software in Our Body and in Our Brain already to Warn us when we do something Wrong.
For example if you put anything other than Air in your air channel like a drop of water or food or anythings that comes from Earth no mater how you can not full God or anybody else the penalty is death penalty. Period. You die if food or water go to your lung.

If you Smoke any kind of materials that comes from Earth at the first time that you smoke it your body show a reaction to it you cough.

Why your body has a built in software and hardware that alarm you need to pay attention to this Alarm and reaction of our body and do not do it any more, if you continue violating the God law you body is going to increase Toxic in your body and accumulate all these Toxic and you will get Sick, You damage your teeth, your longer and finally Cancer that is the Death penalty will take it over and will kill you..
So if you are in that stage you need to Apologize to God and Start Prying and waking up yourself Maybe if it is not too late with your own understanding that now you realize it and ask God for forgiveness and Stop the violation you may be able to get your health back again that is more important for every body to be healthy to be able to survive.
Otherwise you will die and your Spirit has to come back to a new Body again but this time since you violate the Law God will not give you a free God Kingdom Machine any more you will come back in a cripple and Ugly body that look like used second hand body that do not function good any more and you have to work harder that time to build it up again, and if you do build it up good and do good things for yourself and others then God after that to see that you changed then he will give you a better Body next time,
The same thing your father or your employer will do for you if you are a good child, follow your father wishes if you are a good productive employee you will go to higher level of work, work opposite too if you are not good employee in a company your employer will fire you. God will fire you too called Hell you go to hell. Even if you kill someone else is like killing yourself the penalty is Fire that is why in 10 commandment God said do not kill that is the Law. So do you want to go to a better Life, elevate to higher Level of Life have a better life style in the future, in the future life that god will give you again when you return, or do you want to go lower, lower, become a Shit with no value. Like in our body the valuable food after give benefits to your body the good nutrition get observed by our body go to Blood, become beneficial to our body, the bad parts, toxic become a left over get out of our Kingdom Body, get washed out.

So be a good parts join Good people be productive to others do not be a bad parts and unusable, do not kill others, if you become like a virus in the body you will the hole kingdom but see what happened after the whole body die or get sick you get trapped in the same body and become prisoner inside that sick body and finally with antibiotics or after that body die you die together with it, so Don Kill and do not damage yourself and others or the penalty is Fire Death end of it. That is the Law of Creation God Law.

No. 2 channel is Food Chanel. That if you also sends air in it will kill you too, only good pure clean food from earth you can put in it. no bad thing,
When Adam did that god Punished him too
No. 3 Chanel is Nerves System Channels that You have to create Peace And tranquility and happiness or Anger and hat will kill you too..


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The World is created based on 3 important based Element to Survive.
1- Chesed - that means Kindness, Goodness, Love and Happiness.
2- Gevurah - that means there is a judgment, for any action there is reaction for any wrong doing there is a punishment, for any kindness there is a reward.
3- Tiferet - that means you need to Pray and ask for any request you have if you do not ask you will not receive.


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After God created the Universe Adam was created in order to complete and improve this world Creation.