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This Charity organization helping Children, Youth Development students in Schools who need help for educations, having major Medical difficulty, concentration on Study, people needs to quite Cigarette and alcohol. We have a new product developed, discovered and registered for Smokers that cannot quit cigarette or alcohol this new product are herbal with no side effect cleans up Toxins, poisons in the body that was built up, it will detoxify your Body that developed by Nicotine, alcohol and Drugs, bring health back to Body. It is also help everybody to get new energy and get healthy. If you want to order please E-Mail your request to us at info@4allins.com the cost is $150.00 US. Dollar for limited time only original cost is $300.00. Free Shipping in US.

Our charity EIN: # 47-0994909

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Please  join me in supporting a good cause? We are raising money for World Helping Hands Foundation Inc. and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about World Helping Hands Foundation Inc below in our website . Our mission is to help peoples need financial needs, having major Medical difficulty, concentration on Study, people needs to quite Cigarette and alcohol. we educate students, children, parents to understand the meaning of life bringing loves to families and to the world for better life through a nationwide network of members of this world. We need your help to support us with donations to achieve this goal.

The word Disease mean health problem is 2 word Dis Ease , dis mean not having a negative word, Ease mean take it Easy, have comfort, when you do not take it easy get Angry for anything happened to you, you get Disease, getting sickness. So be happy do not get Angry.


God bless you.

Nader Kayvanfar

President of World Helping Hands Foundation Inc. Public Charity Organization.